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Database Update on November 2, 2018
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New York Arrest Records and Warrant Search

If you try to trace New York arrest records or warrants, you will discover that the authorities are quite reluctant to allow a background check on a third person. This privilege is kept mainly for law enforcement agencies. That means that in order to conduct a statewide criminal records search, you will have to rely on private websites which provide the information necessary to determine if a person has ever been involved in a crime and / or was incarcerated.

Conducting an arrest search

You can file a request to view only your own criminal records. You ought to turn to the Division of Criminal Justice Service (DCJS) and submit a request to view public records. This request must include your fingerprints, which can be taken at MorphoTrust USA (Their telephone number is 1-877-472-6915). This service costs $59.95. The DCJS has a special webpage dedicated to instructions on how to trace New York criminal records. If you have any questions, we suggest contacting the Office of Legal Services at 518-457-8413.

How to perform a New York inmate search

The state’s Department of Corrections and Community Supervision operates an inmate lookup on their official website (it can be accessed here). It displays prison records which include the inmate’s personal details, booking and release date and the offenses he or she has been charged with. It tells which facility the inmate populates.

Conducting a warrant search

There is no centralized online inquiry tool that displays New York warrants. For this reason searches should be conducted on the county level. To garner information on the county’s wanted people, you are advised to pay a visit to the sheriff office. Once you reach there, ask to view their criminal databases. A few sheriff websites present the information electronically allowing you to conduct a background check on the Internet.

Initiating a criminal record check using one comprehensive online database

As you can understand from what you have read above, checking a person background in New York is problematic. There are not enough official sources that provide information, and the existing ones limit the type and amount of data they are willing to share with the public.

Therefore, we would like to offer the service provides. It enables users to view a person’s full criminal history through a simple search based on the subject’s name. Results consist of accurate and updated criminal reports that contain:

  • New York arrest records
  • Local jail records
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Court records and a person’s history of convictions
  • Civil background information

Searchers’ privacy and confidentially are strictly observed.

Are there sex offenders in your neighborhood?

New York sex offender registry (to access it, click here) allows you to view the exact address of currently released sex offenders. You can initiate a search by name, county and zip code. The electronic files you will be exposed to also come with a mugshot and details about the offender’s arrests and offenses.