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Database Update on November 2, 2018
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Guidelines for Finding Tennessee Arrest Records and Performing a Warrant Search

Tennessee Public Records Act gives all state’s residents free access to public records, criminal records in particular. Indeed, unlike states like California, Tennessee arrest records can be viewed by any searcher even if the data relate to another person’s history. Warrants and court records are also revealed to the public upon demand.

Since the information is available, the most important thing, if you want to be able to carry out a background check on a particular person, is to be familiar with the relevant sources containing the details you need. This article will present these sources.

Recommended sources for an arrest search

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, TBI, maintains an official database that enables you to inquire about a person’s criminal history. It contains information on all offenses all over the state that ended up with an arrest.

For an online inquiry, you should access the computerized inquiry tool managed by the Tennessee Open Records Information Services (https://www.tbibackgrounds.com/toris/). Searching their database is not cheap. Each inquiry costs 29 dollars that can be paid via credit card (They have a sign-up page where you will be asked to fill in your personal details including means of payment).

You can race Tennessee arrest records through an offline search as well. You will have to fill in a request form and send it via fax or mail to:

901 R.S. Gass Blvd., Nashville, TN 37216
Fax: 615-744-4651

An offline inquiry also costs $29 which can be paid by a check, cash money or credit card. For further details, dial 615-744-4057.

Finding Tennessee warrants

The sheriff of your county is the most recommended source for a warrant search. To acquire information on fugitives, you ought to physically arrive at his office and access the local criminal databases.

For your information, some sheriff websites have search tools where you can garner information on wanted people from your computer. For instance, you can trace Shelby County warrants by referring to this link.

Where can you view a person’s history of convictions?

Tennessee court records are stored by the clerk of court. The most efficient way to trace them is to run an online case search on the clerk’s website. The largest clerk websites provide this service. For example, you can locate Knox county court records using this database.

Performing a sex offender search

To find out if a person has ever been convicted of a sex offense, go to Tennessee sex offender registry (by clicking here). Most people conduct their inquiry based on names, but you can also conduct a residential search to discover if there are sex offenders residing in your area. The database shows an offender’s

  • name, gender, race and physical description (You can even know if he or she has a tattoos or scars)
  • mugshot
  • aliases
  • address
  • type of offenses
  • TID and driver license number

Additional criminal registries

To complete your background check, we strongly advise using two additional registries offered by the state:

Abuse registry – This database is maintained by TN Department of Health and it displays those who abused or neglected minors or people with mental and physical disabilities. If you are looking for a nurse for your elderly parents or a nanny for your kids, the abuse registry is a must for you.